September 10th 2021 Update Patch Notes

The Onmyoji Arena September 10th 2021 Update sees new skin Student Childhood Dream and tons of Onmyodo Adjustments arrives.

Free Shikigami Lineup Adjustments

Onmyoji Arena will change the lineup of the limited-time free shikigami at 5:00 AM on September 13th, 2021. The new free shikigami will be Futakuchi, Kusa, Asura, Ibaraki Doji, Yamawaro, Oitsuki, Yasha, and Shiranui.

Of these shikigami, Yasha and Shiranui have a difficulty of Hard. Onmyoji who have been in Heian-kyo for less than 7 days can’t use them in battle for free.

Of these shikigami, Yasha and Shiranui have a difficulty of Extreme. Onmyoji who have been in Heian-kyo for less than 7 days can’t use them in battle for free.

Balance Adjustments


As Kanko’s ultimate ability poses too great a threat to enemy DPS in the mid to late game, we have decided to decrease its damage bonus.

Ultimate Ability: Bamboo Blast

Adjusted Attack Damage Bonus from 40%/45%/50% to 40% for all levels.

New Content

Basic Attack Drag Lock-on Enemy Mode

After the feature is enabled, you can bring out the remote wheel by dragging the basic attack button to lock-on to the target you want to attack. The shikigami’s subsequent basic attacks will prioritize attacking the locked target.

Spectating Mode

While you are sealed during a game, you can switch between 3 different spectating modes. The 3 modes have shortcut buttons added to lock on to an ally shikigami’s perspective. In Support Mode, you can quick send various signals to assist teammates in combat. In Observer Mode, most of the UI is removed so that you can better observe the situation of the game.

Hide UI In Battle Feature

After this feature is enabled, when dragging the long-distance ability indicator to aim in the game and when moving the map perspective, some UI will be hidden or weakened to reduce interference. You can go to Interface Settings – Auxiliary Function to select whether to enable this feature.

Added Dance Actions To Some Skins

Exclusive dance actions have been added to every highest rarity royal skin. You can view it under Prepare – Customize – Shikigami Dance and select a quick play dance action for when the skin is equipped. Shikigami that own multiple common dances can now play all unlocked common dances in the game.

Perspective Lock Feature

Can be enabled in Control Settings – Camera Control. After enabling, you can lock the perspective at a position by dragging the “little eye” button, and restore the default perspective by tapping again.

Added HP Bar Special Performance

Optimized the HP bar reduction performance when taking damage, added visual feedback for some special states to the HP bar, and added a shattering effect to the HP bar when a shikigami is sealed.

Shop Interface Optimization

Adjusted the layout of the shop interface, added the right-hand mode. Optimized the preorder queue logic and added the double-tap to preorder/cancel preorder function.

Simplified Ability Description

Added a simplified version of all shikigami ability descriptions. You can toggle this in the Interface Settings – Battle Info Display to view the shikigami skill description screen. This is to allow players to quickly understand the basic effects of shikigami abilities.

Settings Interface Adjustments

Adjusted some of the distribution of settings in Control Settings – Interface Settings to make the grouping of settings clearer. Also added the feature to customize control settings for a single shikigami.

Added New Data Comparison Feature

During a match, tap and hold the menu bar in the top right corner to view it. The page will display the average performance of the selected shikigami in their current tier over a certain period of time, so as to help players adjust their combat strategies.

Onmyodo Comprehensive Upgrade

At present, other than the core onmyodo, the overall onmyodo abilities only provides stats buff and do not add much to the experience. We will comprehensively upgrade the onmyodo system. By improving the differences between onmyodo, the same shikigami can have more play styles through different combinations of onmyodo and builds.

At the same time, we will also introduce the concept of activation levels to unlock different onmyodo at Level 1/6/11, so that some onmyodo can provide various laning strategies, while some onmyodo can be unlocked later, and can have a more obvious impact on the combat in the mid and late game.

Core Onmyodo Adjustments

As for the core onmyodo, we will adopt the previous core onmyodo as a whole and slightly adjust some of its mechanics:

Divination Sigil: Currently, the suppression of Divination Sigil while laning is too strong, resulting in the great disadvantage for those without Divination Sigil in the top lane. However, in the mid and late game, the overall trigger rate of Divination Sigil is too low. We will adjust the activating mechanic of Divination Sigil, in hope that Divination Sigil is not only useful during the laning phase.

Adjusted damage and Shield from 30 + 7% Bonus HP to 8 + 6% Bonus HP.

Adjusted trigger interval from 4 seconds to 4/3/2 seconds (decreases every 8 levels).

Occult: Panther Maul: Currently, there are some issues with the trigger conditions of Panther Maul. Some shikigami’s basic attacks will trigger two stacks (such as Kikyo’s enhanced basic attacks). This time, we hope to eliminate this difference in triggering conditions. At the same time, we will also slightly increase its damage.

Adjusted damage at Level 8 from (+18% Ability Power) (+35% extra Attack) to (+20% Ability Power) (+40% extra Attack).

Changed the trigger condition to 3 independent basic attacks or abilities. If one basic attack triggers multiple ability damage, it is considered as one ability damage.

Sorcery Star: Adjusted the Life Steal and Spell Vampire at maximum stacks from 5% to 6%.

Sorcery Change: Adjusted the initial use time from 100 seconds to 80 seconds, and cooldown from 90 seconds to 60 seconds.

Level 1 Activated Onmyodo

We hope that the onmyodo activated at Level 1 can improve the laning strategy in the early game and can allow players to choose the appropriate abilities and stats based their own and their enemy’s shikigami characteristics and play styles.

Amulet Kiai: We hope that the shikigami carrying Kiai can cast abilities more frequently, but we are currently unsure whether Kiai would increase the frequency of ability casting by too much, so we have generally improved the base MP Regen of all shikigami.
Decreased MP Regen per second from 1 to 0.5, and increased base MP Regen per second of all shikigami by 0.6.

Omen Starlight: Remains the same. We hope that Omen Starlight can help relieve the laning pressure when facing off against shikigami with strong laning ability.

Channel Butterflies: We hope to provide a growth choice for shikigami who are relatively conservative when laning and hope to gain advantage in the late game through farming.
Permanently increases Max HP by 35 every 100 seconds. Killing 3 monsters, 6 minions, or taking part in kills and assisting will decrease this duration by 5 seconds.

Occult Shadow Hunt: If you want to get an unassisted kill through attack or support in the early game, Occult: Shadow Hunt can improve the potential of the shikigami in the early game.

Every 15 seconds, the first damage dealt to shikigami deals an additional 25 (+3*level) magic damage.

Stats Selection:

  • 96 HP
  • 20 Armor
  • 25 Magic Resist
  • 7.5 Main Stats

Level 6 Activated Onmyodo

After Level 6, the match enters a period of relatively many small-scale combats, and some of the opponent’s traits have been formed. We hope that the onmyodo activated at level 6 can provide a choice to improve the player’s required characteristics or counter the composition of the opponent’s lineup.

Occult Discern: When facing off against opponents with strong protection or recovery ability, we hope that Occult: Discern can provide a certain amount of counter.

Increases damage dealt to shields by 20% and inflicts a 15%/1s Serious Injury effect.

Amulet Wind Rider: For shikigami who need flexibility, Amulet: Wind Rider can provide a certain amount of burst when entering battles, and the Movement Speed bonus will refresh when participating in kills.

Increases Movement Speed by 30 when out of battle. After entering battle, Movement Speed increases by 60 for 3 seconds, and participating in a kill refreshes this 3-second Haste.

Psychic Umbrella: When facing off against enemies with strong burst lineup, we hope that Psychic Umbrella can provide a certain amount of protection.

When HP falls below 20%, gains a shield that can block 160 (+70% extra Attack) (+40% Ability Power) (+16*Level) damage. Cooldown: 90 seconds.

Omen Meteor: Omen Meteor can inflict a Slow effect on enemies and increase the hit rate of subsequent abilities.

When dealing damage to enemy shikigami, also inflicts a 40% Slow effect for 2 seconds. This effect has a cooldown of 10 seconds against the same shikigami (affected by Cooldown Reduction).

Stats Selection:

  • 192 HP
  • 15 Armor, Magic Penetration
  • 8% Movement Speed Bonus
  • 15% Attack Speed Bonus

Level 11 Activated Onmyodo

After Level 11, the game enters a period of mainly teamfights. We hope that the onmyodo activated at Level 11 can help shikigami exert their own traits better in teamfights.

Amulet Death: Amulet: Death can enhance the shikigami’s finishing ability. It is also very suitable for shikigami that deal multiple-stage damage continuously in teamfights so that they can kill frequently.

Kill the enemy shikigami directly and recover 5% of own lost HP when the damage dealt causes the target’s HP to be lower than 8%.

Omen Star Bind: Star Bind can make shikigami with strong control capabilities enhance their threat level in teamfights. After controlling, they will be able to continue to chase after the target through strong Slows.

When a strong control effect is inflicted on an enemy shikigami, the next basic attack will deal 20*level magic damage and inflict a 75% Slow effect to the target and the units behind them. This effect can be charged twice and recharges once every 15 seconds.

Channel Afterlife: For shikigami with strong protection or recovery ability, we hope that Channel: Afterlife can increase their survivability in teamfights.
Adds a shield to target with low HP and increases their HP Regen and HP Steal effect by 10-20%. When target’s HP is lower than 35%, this effect reaches the maximum. Obtain an additional 50% buff if the target is self.

Occult Purge Evil: Occult: Purge Evil can help to quickly deal with shikigami with strong defensive capabilities.

After dealing basic attack or ability damage to the same enemy shikigami 3 times within a period of time, for a period of time, 9% of the damage dealt by self to this enemy target is converted to true damage.

Stats Selection:

  • 10% Cooldown Reduction
  • 20% Crit Damage
  • 8% Armor/Magic Penetration
  • 6% Max HP

Damage Over Time Trigger Rule and Cooldown Overflow Stats Conversion

We hope through this adjustment, we can resolve the issue of stacking of gains that damage over time can trigger for some item special effects and Sorcery: Star, because the overall gains from the stacking is too high for each trigger, and only one trigger of the stack will make the shikigami whose core damage ability is damage over time too difficult to deal with. We will introduce a stack cooldown for continuous damage of 1.5 seconds, so that this type of damage has a reasonable stacking speed. The items and onmyodo affected by this rule includes Sorcery: Star, Summer Ashes, and Shadow Fan.

At the same time, we will adjust the conversion mechanics of cooldown reduction after exceeding 40% to underlying mechanics, in hope that this will reduce the loss from cooldown reduction overflow. After exceeding 40%, the excess cooldown reduction will be converted according to the ratio of 1% to 0.5 main stats.

Ease of Use Adjustments

Considering that many players need to adjust onmyodo in the Selection stage, and also hoping that onmyodo can be changed more flexibly according to the lineup of both teams, we have added the onmyodo adjustment feature to the Selection stage. You can adjust the onmyodo after the selection, and adjust Okami Onmyodo to suit different play styles.

Adjustments to Terrain

Currently, the overall battle is too focused on the bottom lane, partly because the success rate of bottom lane support is relatively high, and the overall bottom lane terrain favoring the team with the upper hand. At the same time, there is a difference in the thickness of the walls of the side lanes of both sides, resulting in a difficulty difference of pushing turrets.

Adjusted the wall and brush distribution of the side lanes to make the active range of both teams more balanced.

Adjusted the brush distribution on the bottom lane and increased the distance between the brush on both sides and the turret to slightly decrease the suppression caused by the team with the upper hand occupying the brush.

New Events

Student Childhood Dream​

Event Period: September 10th after maintenance to September 16th, 2021.

Yamausagi’s School Season skin, Student Childhood Dream is now available! Get 12% off from September 10th after maintenance to September 16th, 2021.

Student Childhood Dream

Optimizations and Adjustments

Added the Lobby BGM Library feature, you can adjust the BGM in the Lobby Settings interface.

Optimized the in match display effect for Hana’s royal skin, Fleeting Moonlight:

  • Optimized the effect performance of the skin from the enemy’s perspective, and optimized the effect for mid to low resolution.
  • Optimized the skip cutscene effect.
  • Optimized high resolution close-up.
  • Completed all Japanese voice.
  • The exclusive background of the shikigami skin can be displayed in the lobby together with the shikigami.
  • The instrumental of the Fleeting Moonlight main theme have been added into the Lobby BGM Library

Optimized the skip cutscene for the below shikigami skins:

  • Futakuchi (Default)
  • Momo (Default)
  • Hiyoribou (Default)
  • Kiyohime (Default)
  • Kidomaru (Default)
  • Hakuzosu (Evolved)
  • Ichimokuren (Evolved)
  • Kuro (Evolved)
  • Kisei (Evolved)
  • Miketsu (Evolved)
  • Yuki Onna (Evolved)
  • Susabi (Evolved)
  • Ubume (Evolved)
  • Vampira (Evolved)
  • Kyonshi Ani (Evolved)
  • Kuro Mujou (Evolved)
  • Yoto Hime (Evolved)
  • Zashiki (Kerria)
  • Hannya (Carp Lustre)
  • Ichimokuren (Teacher Wise)
  • Yokinshi (Soul Tune)
  • Vampira (Phantom Bats)
  • Kaguya (Moonlit Night)
  • Kaguya (Crescent Boat)
  • Yuki (Snowy Winter)
  • Shishio (Sea Dragon)
  • Ubume (Craven Girl)
  • Ootengu (Heavenly White)
  • Futakuchi (Mischief Spirit)
  • Lord Arakawa (Furious Waters)
  • Susabi (Unrivaled Champion)
  • Youko (Arctic White)
  • Kingyo (Goldfish Origami)
  • Yoto Hime (Retribution Light)
  • Kusa (Autumn Maple)
  • Chin (Steam: Creator)
  • Shiranui (Scarlet Beauty)
  • Shiro (Tasty Delicacies)
  • Komatsu (Sapphire Rose)
  • Takiyasha Hime (Rainbow Sky)

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