May 7th 2021 Update Patch Notes

The Onmyoji Arena May 7th 2021 Update sees rare skin Yamakaze Winter Blade is now available.

Free Shikigami Lineup Adjustments

Onmyoji Arena will change the lineup of the limited-time free shikigami at 5:00 AM on May 10th, 2021. The new free shikigami will be Komatsu, Umibozu, Hououga, Mannendake, Kingyo, Enenra, Kuro Mujou, and Puppeteer.

Onmyoji who own the God of Fortune Month Pact will have the additional free shikigami, Zashiki and Ichimokuren.

Of these shikigami, Kuro Mujou and Puppeteer have a difficulty of Extreme. Onmyoji who have been in Heian-kyo for less than 7 days can’t use them in battle for free.

Shikigami Adjustments


Trait: Frequent Movement

When abilities hit shikigami, the cooldown reduction of normal abilities have been adjusted from 0.6 seconds to:

Fan Dance: Water Blast reduces by 0.5 seconds on hit.

Fan Dance: Water Wave reduces by 1 second on hit.

Goldfish Sentinel reduces by 1.5 seconds on hit, and a further 0.5 seconds if the goldfish’s attack hits.


We were hoping that Enenra’s ultimate ability could assist from a distance after the adjustment to ability mechanics, however, to prevent the long range explosion damage from being too high, we adjusted its base damage. Now, it seems like the adjustment was too much, and it’s difficult to hit after charging. We will suitably adjust the charging of ultimate ability and expand its range while increasing hit rate.

Ultimate Ability: Irritable Spirit

Adjusted base damage from 96/144/192 (+24% Ability Power) to 120/180/240 (+30% Ability Power).

Adjusted damage increase each second from 133% to 100%.

Adjusted radius from 350 yards to 400 yards.


Dodomeki does not meet expectations with regards to strength in laning in the early game after the overall adjustments. We have suitably increased her passive damage in the early game.

Trait: Ghost Eye

Adjusted damage from 2 (+8% Ability Power) (+4*current level) (+20% extra Attack) to 6 (+8% Ability Power) (+4.5*current level) (+20% extra Attack).

Winter Blade Event

Event Period: May 7th to May 21st, 2021 before maintenance

Winter Blade is now available. Get a limited time discount from May 7th to May 21st, 2021 before maintenance. Don’t miss out!

Optimizations and Adjustments

Adjusted the trigger logic of Spring Water Haste and suitably extended the broadcast duration of the effect.

Suitably increased the chance of triggering the Standby Idle action and Movement Idle action.

Optimized the judgment logic of use of Flash when near to walls at the edge of the map, and further optimized the issue of collision with walls.

Optimized the display effect of the abilities and number of Coins sent by the Quick Terms indicator in matches.

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